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Yes, your device can be recharged using a USB cable. Simply plug your SmartCompanion into your computer or USB charger to recharge it. It is recommended you use the provided USB cable to recharge your device.
Yes! SmartCompanion is water resistant and has a rating of IP65.
Your SmartCompanion will work between 20 hours (Active) and 180 hours (standby mode) depending on how it is used. The device is in standby mode when it is left untouched for 5 minutes.
Once plugged in (computer or wall adapter), be sure the USB cable is well inserted and that the blue light is on and steady. If it doesn’t work, please contact our technical support at
SmartCompanion can be located anywhere where a GPS signal is available. You might get an inaccurate location where poor GPS reception is observed like inside buildings or weather.
No, your device needs to be turned on in order to send or receive information.
Press the Refresh button. If that does not work, verify the following possibilities that may cause your SmartCompanion not to refresh its location:
• low battery
• unable to connect to the network (device not activated, out of range, in a building, etc.)
• device is turned off
If it still won’t refresh, please contact our Customer Service at
First, verify that the battery has been properly installed and is fully charged. We recommend you to charge the battery for at least 8 hours before first using your device. Be sure to hold the "On" button for at least 2 seconds (and up to 10 seconds (the blue and green lights will flash together for 1 second) to switch your device on. If the problem persists, remove and replace the battery using the supplied screwdriver.
LED GPS blue light:
• Steady On: Is charging
• Flashing (every 5 seconds) : Sleep mode
• Flash (1 second on, 1 second off) : No GPS is invalid or the SmartCompanion is initializing
• OFF : GPS is valid
• Fast Flash (0.3 seconds on 0.3 seconds off) : Low Battery

LED GSM* green light:
• Flashing (every 5 seconds): Sleep mode
• Flashing (1 second on and one second off) : No GSM signal or initializing
• Off: SmartCompanion is connected to the GSM network

*Global System for Mobile Communications


Not at this time. Your device can only send notifications.


SmartCompanion will report its position by itself based on motion, time and heading change. If you want to know its current position, simply click on the “Refresh” button.
No. As soon as you activate your SmartCompanion, it will send information via a cellular network so you can see where it’s located and if it’s been moved. If you’d like to receive notifications, you will need to set up Geofences and Speed Alerts, which will automatically inform you of any activity.
It’s simple. Go to your login page and select "Forgot my password". Shortly after, you will receive an email explaining how to reset your password for your account
Tap the profile icon, then tap Change Password. You will be asked to enter your old password, the new one and a confirmation. When tapping Apply, then password will be changed.
You can share your account with other contacts. To do so, go in your profile in the Sharing section. Tap on New Contact and complete the contact information. If you give the administrator right, the contact will be able to change the account settings and the Geofences. Otherwise, the contact will only be able to visualize your SmartCompanions and receive notifications.
Yes! You can share your device’s location using the share button. Just tap the share button and select how you would like to share your device’s position (message, email, Facebook, etc.).
Yes, as long as all devices are linked to the same account.
Download the app from the App Store or on Google play, then follow the wizard for easy set-up instructions. When you are done, tap the Create my account link and complete your information. You’ll be asked to configure your account now or later.
Go to your profile, then select the information you would like to change. Please note that even if you change your email address, your username will remain the original email address.
Select your device from the main page, which will bring up the map and history of its location. Then, simply tap on the last event to display the address where your device can be found. You can also tap on the list icon to center the map on your device position automatically.
Yes! On the map page, select the Map style button. Choose your preferred viewing mode from the map selection.
Yes! Tap on settings, then usage. A menu will open displaying all the icons/pictures you can use. Tap on the one you prefer to make the switch.
Not at this time. You can only select between the five pre-defined icons or a generic SmartCompanion's pictures.
Select one of you SmartCompanion from the list, and then select location icon (the third one). Then tap on New Geofence. You can now enter the information to create your SmartCompanion Geofence. You can also tap the Geofence you wish to change in order to edit or delete as needed.
When the Geofence is selected, use the two-finger movement to zoom in/out the map. The radius will then decrease/increase accordingly.
Yes. The Device speeding notification will let you know if your SmartCompanion is traveling over the speed limit you’ve set. Simply tap Settings followed by the Speed limit and enter your maximum limit using the keypad.
Of course! Just select your device from the device list and your SmartCompanion’s history will automatically appear. You can also tap on a specific date to see exactly where your device was located that day on the map.
We keep all your SmartCompanion’s history but we only show you the last 50 events & location updates.


Make sure you’ve turned on Notifications in your settings.
By default, notifications are sent to the mobile app only. If you want to receive them by email as well, please activate the “Send to my email” option in the device settings page. Verify that you have entered the correct e-mail address.
Once your device has a GPS, it generally takes 2 to 5 minutes to receive an email notifying you of its current location. Note that email delivery depends entirely on the status of your cell phone network, which may be delayed or down.
Notifications will be sent to your mobile app directly and optionally to the email address associated with your account if you activated the “Send to my email” option. Remember to turn on the "Notifications" option to receive alerts.
Your SmartCompanion comes with a selection of convenient notifications:
• SOS: You will be alerted whenever the SOS button is tapped
• Low Battery: Lets you know when your battery is low
• Geofence In/Out: Notifies you and provides a location when your device is leaving/ entering any active geofence zones
• Speeding: Alerts you when your device is speeding above the predefined limit you have entered
• Power On: You will be notified when your device is turned on
• Man Down: An alert is sent if an impact-type event occurs
Press the SOS button until it vibrates and buzz (between 2-4 seconds) to send an SOS alarm. If your device is turned on and within network range, the signal will be sent to the server and you will receive a notification in few seconds. An SOS message will also appear in your notifications list. Please make sure you have selected SOS in the notification settings of your device.
Yes. After you create your Geofence, tap Settings and go to notifications. Slide the button to the right for Device, enter Geofence and/or Device leave Geofence. You will now receive notifications.
Once you select your speed limit, tap the Notification section and simply turn the Device speeding button to the right.
It may be a number of reasons. Make sure:
• your battery is charged
• the device is turned ON
• the notification button is activated in Settings
• that you are using the correct email address
• the push notifications are allowed for the application


Your device won’t expire as long as your PayPal Billing agreement is active. If you cancel your agreement, your device will expire and you will receive a confirmation email.
With the 15-digit IMEI of your device in hand, contact our Customer Service department at We will provide you with the activation code you need to get started.
First, ensure that the camera on your phone is switched on. If that still doesn’t work, press the keyboard button and enter the activation code on the card by hand.